Aions Hydro


As Cropgenics is committed to eradicating hidden hunger and sustainable resource management we strongly support hydroponic cultivation. As a part of it, we have developed organic hydroponic nutrient media with a high concentration of nutrients to encourage healthy consumption. The advantage of our fertilizer over other hydroponic mediums in the market is our unique formula which has all the nutrients required in bio chelated form. This form of feeding the plants with bio-available minerals helps them easily absorb all the nutrients. The cation exchange capacity of the feed is highly induced and pH fluctuation does not affect the absorption rate.



  • Growth hormone formulation aids in the modulation of phytochrome which helps to increase the photosynthetic efficiency and carbon assimilation.
  • High cation exchange capacity.
  • Increases the chlorophyll content thus delaying the senescence.
  • Our product enhances stomatal conductance which reduces transpiration and up-regulates the subsets of stress-resistant metabolites.
  • Upregulation of biosynthetic enzymes leads to improved nutritional quality, maintains cell turgor and uptake capacity even with high salinity.
  • Increases organic load in the feed.
  • Strengthens the roots and their absorption.
  • Boosts fertilization, flowering, and fruiting
  • Customized feed for each crop.
  • pH stability for long period due to the absence of inorganic salts.


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